Get Rewarded With The Cubie Props Affiliate Program

Ready to join our vibrant creative community? Create mind-blowing content, share it with your audience, and earn commissions from your sales! Apply now and let's make some serious magic happen!

What are the perks you ask?

    Earn 10% commission on every sale made by your referral code or link!

  • 10% DISCOUNT
    Always enjoy 10% off every order, for you and your pals using your unique code.

    If we're really impressed by your work we'll send FREE Cubie Props to your door.

Affiliate Programe FAQ

Get all the answers you've been craving about the Cubie Props affiliate program! Check out our top frequently asked questions below.

Once you apply to join our affiliate program, we'll take a peek at your work. If your style totally vibes with our brand, we'll hit you up with a top-secret email to plan an epic prop collaboration.

Wondering when you'll get the green light? Well, worry not! We'll review your application and give you the thumbs up within just two working business days.

You can join our program if you have a passion for creating eye-catching visuals using our fabulous product photography props and backdrops. All you need is a relevant social media account and a creative spark!

Simply log into your personal dashboard where you'll find all the details about the number of orders made through your link and when your next payout is scheduled. Stay in the loop with ease!

  • In the event a customer requests a refund for a transaction for which the Affiliate has earned commissions, any commissions earned on the refund amount will be deducted from the Affiliate’s balance.
  • Affiliates are permitted to use the brand and marketing resources available on store for promotion activities. The Affiliate does not gain any trademark, copyright or any other rights to these materials.
  • Affiliates take full responsibility for payment settings provided by them in account settings. In case of missing details, your payment will be kept on hold. If incorrect information is provided, any transactions made by us on provided information will be considered as valid payments.

We offer payment through PayPal, and if you have an Australian bank account, you can also opt for bank transfer. Let us know your preferred method when you apply.

Ready to join our program?

We can't wait to have you onboard! Apply now to become a VIP Cubie Props Ambassador and unlock a world of creative potential. With the finest range of product photography props and backdrops, you'll be creating stunning visuals in no time. Join our incredible community of artists and let the magic begin!