6 Common Product Photography Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

6 Common Product Photography Mistakes

Are you a product photographer in need of some creativity or inspiration? Whether it’s your first time shooting products, or if you have years of experience, we all make mistakes. In this blog post, we will explore the common product photography errors that many photographers make when shooting products. We'll identify these mistakes, how to correct them and by the end of it all - you'll be well on your way towards crafting stunningly creative product images! So let's get started!

Mistake #1: Not having a consistent style

Your product images should have a consistent look and feel across the board. When customers browse through your website, they should notice a clear visual pattern in the product images. Make sure that the style you choose complements your brand image.

How to fix it: Create a mood board that you can refer back to when taking photos. Use the same positioning, background and theme for every image to ensure a consistent style.

Mistake #2: Not utilising lighting correctly

Without proper lighting, the quality of your images will suffer. Natural light works well, but it’s not always available, especially if you’re shooting on cloudy days or in winter. If you’re not using the right equipment, you could be producing subpar images that won’t catch a potential customer’s eye.

How to fix it: Invest in good-quality lighting equipment such as studio lights, diffusers and reflectors to take control of the light source. With proper lighting, you can eliminate shadows and evenly distribute light. 

Mistake #3: Not paying attention to composition

Your product images shouldn’t look haphazard; they should be strategically placed. Consider how the product will appear in the photograph and adjust accordingly. In simple terms, image composition refers to how the various elements within a frame come together to create the final result. There are countless ways to manipulate composition, whether it's through zooming in or out, experimenting with different lenses, or carefully arranging the elements within the frame. 

How to fix it: Try practicing compositional techniques such as "The Rule Of Thirds" and "The Rule Of Odds". Think about where the product should stand, how the product should be placed, and the angle at which it's photographed. The rule of thirds is a fundamental composition technique that can make a genuine difference to the image's overall visual appeal.

Learn more Product Photography Compositional Techniques here.

Rule of Thirds Product Photography Compositions

Mistake #4: Using busy backgrounds

When taking pictures, make sure not to choose a busy background as it will detract from the product’s focus. Overcomplicated backgrounds may require more editing time or detract the viewer's eye.

How to fix it: Choose a simple background that doesn’t distract from your product. That could be a plain, white background, or a more dynamic surface that's simple in color and texture.

product photography plain backdrops pink white ecommerce images

Mistake #5: Neglecting to edit images

Photoshop cloning, adjusting brightness or contrast, and banishing those pesky dust particles are all key steps in the magical world of photo editing. Avoiding this step may make your photos look unprofessional. Just like a chef sprinkling secret ingredients to make a dish extraordinary, editing your images is the secret sauce that takes your product photos from ordinary to extraordinary!

How to fix it: Invest time and effort into editing your images correctly, you can transform your product shots into eye-catching masterpieces that mesmerize potential clients or customers. 

the importance of editing in product photography

Mistake #6: Not investing in good quality equipment

One of the biggest product photography mistakes you can make is using lackluster equipment. If you're serious about making your business stand out, investing in quality equipment is a must. The right equipment not only produces more vibrant and eye-catching photos, but it also saves you time in editing. Plus, you don't want to be the online store that looks like it was shot on a bad cellphone camera! 

Here's how to fix it: Embrace your photography journey by gradually investing in high-quality equipment. Start small and build up your stash, with essentials like lighting, tripods, backdrops, and props. Trust us, the results will be worth it!

Avoiding product photography mistakes doesn't have to be a difficult task, with a bit of practice, finesse and attention to detail, you’ll soon be producing stunning photos in no time. Remember though that having fun with your project is also important! Letting your creative juices flow freely and tapping into wild and wonderful ideas for shooting products can yield amazing rewards. 

If you find yourself stuck for ideas, why not try our selection of props and backdrops to take your shooting to the next level? They might just be the push you need to connect with customers in new ways, establish a unique style, or maybe even help blow up sales numbers! 

clear acrylic cube square props

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